You Took Away My Pain

My God You alone are truly great
Your words will never ever break
Your plans won’t deviate
From the promises You’ve made

And I will never be the same
Your blood has washed away the shame
You took away my pain
And Your love will remain

Blessed be Your Name!

– My God, Victory Worship

I’ve heard and sung these lyrics so many times already — during praise and worship at church, during my personal time, and the like. However, I think this was the first time I’ve truly comprehended these words. This was the first time that I sang them, and felt the need to just cry out to Him and thank Him for being the Great God He is.

I’ve gone through a lot of pain, growing up. Although, I admit I still carry some of them until now. It wasn’t until I met Christ that this pain–the hurt, anger and hatred–started to diminish and changed the way the I live my life. No, it wasn’t easy. And yes, it took time.

When I sang that song today, it brought me through a hazy flashback of coping up and letting go. I won’t go into details, for now. I am just in awe right now for what He has done for me.

Thank You God, thank You for everything. πŸ™‚



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