Five Things I Like | Everyday Inspiration

Day Two: Write a List

I believe you get a glimpse of a person’s personality from the things she likes. So, to get to know me better, here’s some of mine:

Violet. My favorite color.

If you’re a friend of mine, you’d know this. You’d laugh at how I randomly point at a thing and say “I like that,” and you’d know that it’s because of the color. You’d know which thing to give me for Christmas, and whether I like the thing or not, you’d know I’d accept it because of the color.

Strong and happy are two impressions I get whenever I see the color violet. No, I’m not saying these define me. But, those are two things I impress to be.

Coffee. My favorite beverage.

It keeps me awake. It keeps me focused. But most of all, it completes my day. Usually, I like it with cream and sugar. Sometimes, I like it black but sweet.

Nowadays, I limit myself to one cup of coffee a day due to health reasons. At most two, if needed. Also, I try not to drink on weekends–I drink hot choco instead. Weekends are for catching up with sleep, anyway.

Reading. My favorite hobby.

My favorite author is Nora Roberts. I’ve read almost all of her books already. No, I don’t have a favorite, because I like them all! Ha. It’s not the story she makes that keeps getting me hooked. It’s how she writes them–how everything seems real, as if she’s been there. Sometimes, with how she describes a situation, I’d wonder if it’s research she has done or it’s her life story she has written.

Reading is not only a favorite hobby, but also an escape. An escape from the real world–stress, problems, sorrow and the like. When I want to be happy, I read happy books. When I want to be inspired, I read inspiring books. I feel what I read, to say the least.

Travel. My favorite goal.

It was never a goal before. Not until my first job required me to travel. A lot. It was then that I realized how enjoyable it is to see and experience new places (though I didn’t really do much sightseeing back then haha). I was amazed with how each place’s custom differ from one another. How languages or dialects and their intonation differ from what I live with. How each town or city or region simply has its own uniqueness.

Now I want to see the world. I especially want to go to Europe, mainly because I want to visit Daddy there. A Europe tour would be nice. On my honeymoon, maybe? Haha. Well, I’m still a long way from achieving that. I haven’t even gone outside the Philippines. Yet. πŸ˜‰

Writing. My not-so-secret-anymore ambition.

If reading is my escape, then writing is my outlet.

You may read about this from a past blog post: Secret Ambition. Happy reading! πŸ™‚


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