Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow | Everyday Inspiration

Day Five: Hook ‘Em with a Quote

Yesterday you can’t alter, but your reaction to yesterday you can. The past you cannot change, but your response to your past you can.

– Max Lucado, When God Whispers Your Name

It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t your choice. Yet you faced the cosequences you didn’t deserve. You lived a life of blame, anger, hatred and shame. You grew up early, and missed the pleasure of family and childhood.

Your body called for rebellion. Go against the rules, run away, make a scandal. You wanted to be heard and understood. You wanted to be selfish and let the whole world know that you are here, alive and crying for a life.

But what did you do?

You stayed silent. You went with the rules. You were bitter, yes, but still you stayed–out of courtesy and lack of choices. And, out of despite, you chose to make your own life different from what you were experiencing.

Years later, you met Christ. You learned to fogive. You learned to let go. You learned from your past. You began using your past to empathize and help others who experience and were experiencing similar situations.

Slowly, you were healing. You started looking forward to a future of relief, happiness, love and honor. You started dreaming of the things you never thought you deserve.

No, it wasn’t your fault. But, it is your choice on what to do about it.



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