My Life Is a Rainbow

Note: I wrote this piece before my 18th birthday, which I have also posted in Facebook. Now, I just want to share to the world what the almost-18-year-old me has got to say about life. Also, everything you’re about to read are the original words — I haven’t done any editing.

Photo by Abigail Keenan via Unsplash
Photo by Abigail Keenan

I see my life as a rainbow—colorful, beautiful and unique. Everyone loves seeing it, in which its beauty is enough to make one person smile, wonder and reflect. I see the rainbow as a path to my pot of gold, a road to my happy-ever-after. Then there are the seven beautiful colors of the rainbow. Without them, my life would all be black and white.

Red. The color of love. I’m full of it—my family, friends and the people that surround me. From infancy to childhood to my teenage years, they’ve always been there. They lecture me about my mistakes because they love me enough to care about not doing the mistake again.  They laugh at me because they love me enough to show that smiles and laughter are two important aspects that bind us together. They leave me alone because they love me enough to believe that I can do it. Most importantly, no matter how annoying family and friends sometimes get, they care. Why? Because they love me.

Orange. The color of the orange fruit. So I denote this color to health. I’ve been sickly and sick-less throughout the years. The last time I was in the hospital, I had dengue—an experience I don’t want to repeat again. Health matters. A lot. Being healthy makes one person’s body function well. Being healthy makes one person beautiful. Being healthy gives one person a satisfying day. I know I’m not much of a healthy person, but I try to be.

Yellow. The color of knowledge. I’ve been blessed enough to have studied in different beautiful schools. Through these schools, I gain knowledge. Through these schools, I learn. Even outside school, I learn. From a humorous chat with a friend to a casual conversation with a sales clerk, I learn. From the learnings I got, whether they are few or many, I walk through life knowing.

Green. The color of trees and nature. Thus, I give this color to the places I’ve been to. Different places, different environments, different people, different personalities. Like science, I observed. Like math, manipulations or adjustments were done in order to cope up with the diversity of nature. Or sometimes, like the chameleon, I simply adapt to its color. In the end, no matter where I live or where I go, there are always these bits of the “other places” in me that make me who I am, whether they be language or habits or even the learning I got from these places. 

Blue. The color of the calm skies and the raging oceans. This is the color for experiences. As the saying goes, life is like wheel. Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down. I’ve been through a lot of those. I’m happy one moment, the next I’m lonely. I’m laughing one moment, the next I’m crying. Problem-free or problem-full, that’s life, but the experience I got from them is one of the factors of who and what I am today.

Indigo. The color of infinity. For me, infinity is the Great Almighty, my Great Mentor. He makes me see the true color of the world through my experiences. No matter how much I doubt on myself, no matter how little self-confidence I have in me, He puts me into trials that, later on, makes me realize how much I’m capable of. Even through these trials, He walks beside me, holding my hand and guiding me. Whenever I let go and give up, He’s always there to pull me back before I tumble and fall. I also make mistakes, but He makes sure I learned from it. And at the end of these trials, He rewards me with blessings much more than I ask for.

Violet / Purple —my favorite color. From a certain Barney song, they say this is the color of fun. As a child, it has always been about fun. It first started with dolls, playing pretend and lots of running. Then it changed to jackstones at school, video games at home, and ballet and piano lessons on weekends. In high school, fun was all about music, internet, gimik and boys. When I entered college, fun may still be similar with that of high school, but with the addition of my great fondness with reading novels. The concept of fun may change, but it will always be there.

Then there’s the pot of gold I yet to seek. The dreams I yet to fulfill. The success I yet to achieve. The goals I yet to finish. But nobody knows if there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Even I, myself, cannot see it from my side of the rainbow. Yet I have the comfort of the seven beautiful colors of the rainbow. With that, I know that, someday, I’ll have my pot of gold with me.



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