2016 Monthly Review

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.

– Hal Borland

Tomorrow is going to be the first day of another year. Before I say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017, I’d like to give my review over the past 12 months. I’ve been doing this for the past two years now (just through different channels and in different ways). Why break tradition? 🙂

January. I turned 22 this year! How time flies. It seemed like I was only 18 yesterday. Haha. It was also the month that I officially became a regular employee of Robinsons Hotels and Resorts (RHR). And because of that, I decided to finally push through with my piano lessons. Regular employment → regular income → regular allowance for piano lessons. Haha.

February. Went to Baguio with the Travel Buddies (TBs). Besides the annual travel with the TBs, it was also a double birthday celebration between me and the guy who, less than three weeks after the Baguio trip, became my boyfriend. ♥  Got to meet boyfie’s family for the first time that month. Visited UPLB for the annual Feb Fair. Went on an outing at Crystal Beach Resort with RHR friends.

March. First Siblings’ (boyfie’s and mine) get-together, as we celebrated John D’s birthday by playing at Mystery Manila. Dinner with some of boyfie’s high school friends.

April. Tito King and Abbie’s double birthday celebration at Yakimix SM MOA. Turned second grade in piano. Never got to finish it, though. 😦 Roomies and I moved residences from the simple bed spaces to a studio-type condo unit in Mandaluyong. 😀

May. Visited Butuan with boyfie for my cousin’s first birthday. Got to show him some spots of my childhood. Hihi. 🙂 Played at Lazer Maxx with TBs, and went from Maginhawa to Tomas Morato for more games and food trips. Went swimming at Daranak Falls with family.

June. RHR Outing at Momarco Resort. Attended Expedia‘s Appreciation Night at Pan Pacific Manila. Stayed overnight at Canyon Woods Tagaytay with family and boyfie. Played (again) at Lazer Maxx, as we celebrated Jammy’s birthday with the Siblings, and ate out.

July. Turned one year at RHR! Mostly food trips with boyfie. These were the beginning of our weight gain. Hahahuhu. Another night out at Maginhawa, and a quickie” (haha) get-together at SM North Edsa, both with the TBs.

August. Attended Effective Business Communication Program at our very own Go Hotels Mandaluyong, a seminar my boss got me to attend to ease my shyness from talking. 🙂 Attended cousin Kuya Gelo and Ate Chres’ wedding (finally!) as a bridesmaid. Boyfie was invited too. Hihi. 🙂

September. Had lunch with Mommyla, Tito Jan’s family and the brothers at Aristocrat Marcos Hiway. Celebrated Lemonadas’ (first version of the TBs) first year anniversary at – where else? – STARBUCKS! (where the group was literally formed) Hahaha. 😀 Also celebrated boyfie’s parents’ anniversary at Maginhawa. Lastly, attended Agoda‘s Roadshow at Green Sun Hotel.

October. Celebrated Lance’s (boyfie’s brother) birthday with the Siblings at The Archery Academy Manila, and ate out. Overnight stay at Summit Hotel Magnolia with RHR friends, as we celebrated Ms. Pat’s (RHR officemate) birthday. Overnight at boyfie’s cousins’ house, where we played the Game of Thrones board game (which I still don’t understand much until now haha). Joined a new Victory Group. 🙂  New phone, new number. Celebrated Mommy’s birthday with family at Vikings SM North Edsa. Last, but not the least, Things I Should Have Said was built! 😀

November. Cagayan de Oro – Camiguin – Cagayan de Oro trip with boyfie. One of the best four days of the year! 😀 ♥

December. Metallic-Disco-themed RHR Christmas Party at The Pearl Place. Christmas / Year-End Christmas Party with the TBs at our condo unit. Christmas Eve with the Castañeda’s. Christmas with the Roa’s, including overnight stay at Villa Corazon, side trip to Tagaytay and trip to Enchanted Kingdom. Both boyfie and his brother were invited to the three trips. 🙂 Lastly, a visit to Butuan for the New Year. 😀

So there you have it. Looking forward to more adventures and surprises in 2017! 😀



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