Delayed Flight | Poem

I sit here amongst strangers
Waiting in anticipation
Waiting in silence
For the plane that’s yet to arrive

Toddler is running around
Awake and alert
Impatient to sit still
Always searching for fun

Girl about my age
Earphones attached to her ears
Phone held up high
Obviously watching a movie

Boy about my age
Looking back and forth
From floor to his phone
Waiting for a text message?

Group of college kids
Eating Jollibee takeout
While talking nonstop about their trip
One is sleeping, though

Ladies and gentlemen
Coming in and out of the CR
Where the Male’s restroom
Looks better than the Female’s

Familiar faces
Well, Butuan is a small city
Must be working in Manila
Just like me

And as I finish this piece
I’d like to say:
The plane has arrived!



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