You Wouldn’t Have | Poem

But inside I’m thinking about how every single thing that happened to me in the past few years played into this moment.

– Girl Against The Universe, Paula Stokes

That one disappointment
Your life’s greatest downfall
Changed the course
Your life is now wandering in

Things would have been different
You would have been happier
Destiny would have been more special
But you know what?

You wouldn’t have moved to Butuan
And found the home
The place you keep missing
The place you keep returning to

You wouldn’t have changed schools (almost yearly)
And learned to adapt
To be a shy and observant person
Yet handled the spotlight well

You wouldn’t have “flunked” Algebra
By Mommyla’s standards, I mean
Who got you attending tutor classes
Where Math suddenly became your favorite subject

You wouldn’t have chosen a Math degree
Because you thought it looked like Accounting
Funny enough, you were wrong
But you made it, didn’t you?

You wouldn’t have gone to UPLB
Where Combinatorics gave you a “fail”
Which you learned was not the end of the world
But an open door to wisdom and strength

You wouldn’t have stayed in Women’s Dorm
Where you met your friend and future leader
Who brought and introduced you to Victory
Where you met Christ, your Lord and Savior

You wouldn’t have worked in Wyeth
Your first job after graduation
Where work was both stressful and fun
And experienced travel all over the country (for free!)

You wouldn’t have resided in Bicutan
Where you lived with your college friends
To have an easy commute to your office
And to live the life of an independent young adult

You wouldn’t have quit your first job
And transferred to RHR in Ortigas
Where travelling was not in your description
Instead, the brain that Math developed was put to use

You wouldn’t have moved residence to “Manda”
Along with the same college friends
Where the Travel Buddies was made
Over late night coffee and deep conversations

You wouldn’t have fallen in love
With an old college friend
Who also surprisingly worked in Ortigas
And also one of the Travel Buddies

You wouldn’t have traveled again
With either the TBs or your boyfriend
Budget has been tight, though
Still, experience was what mattered

You wouldn’t have all these thoughts
Which opened your desire to write again
And decided to create this blog
To express what was always silent

And you, my dear reader
Wouldn’t be reading this poem
Few glimpses of what has been
The past that led me to this moment



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