Stressing Out

We’re going on a trip next week. Due to busy schedules, I only got to take our itinerary seriously just this week — though we already had initial plans (what to do, where to go) for a while now. Right now, I’m finalizing the costs and the “timing” of the said trip. The “timing” is already okay. We have contingencies in case we miss a boat ride or something. For the costs, well, ha.

There are five of us on this trip. Me, boyfie, my brothers and boyfie’s brother. Yes, I’ll be the only girl here.

Anyway, we were given a budget — yes, it was given. And I thought the budget would fit the five of us. And I thought wrong. It wasn’t enough. So I’m stressing here about finding cheaper ways to do the things we want to do. I’ve found some, though. Still, they aren’t enough to not exceed our budget.

And did I mention contingencies? I’m praying we won’t be needing the contingencies. Because, gosh, they won’t fit the budget too.

We could owe money from others. But I hate owing money (if you know me, I never owe money from anyone unless I really need to). I could take out some of my savings. But I only have a pretty small cash, because I used some of it to buy a plane ticket for a trip next year. If I’d known I’d get into this kind of trouble, I wouldn’t have bought that ticket. Huhu. I’ve already asked my brothers to bring some cash of their own for, you know, in case. But I’m hoping they won’t have to use theirs.

I’m still stressing out. I’ll find a way. Hopefully.

Why am I the only one making these arrangements, you ask? I don’t know either. Haha.

From what I gather from this experience is that a trip for five is much more difficult to arrange than a trip for two. My trip with boyfie last March (I wrote about it here) was easier to arrange, though it was more costly.

I do hope the boys enjoy the trip, though. That’s enough reward from all this stress.

Don’t worry, I’ll be writing about it soon. I hope you’ll find time to read them. 🙂


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