My Phone is Dead

I was on a business trip few days ago. Because it was my first time, I decided to take a little tour while I was there. So I went island hopping, which includes snorkeling and fish feeding.

That’s how my phone died.

I have a phone case that’s said to be waterproof. Well, it really was, until this incident few days ago. I even used it during my Camiguin (November 2016) and Siargao (July 2017) trips, and I had no problem with it.

So there I was, enjoying my time with the fishes. After about 30 minutes in the water, one of my fellow tourist decided to check her phone (which was also stored in a much-safer-looking case). That’s when I remembered to check mine also. So I got my phone out of the water, and then…


By the time I got back to land, my phone was already life-less. Points for the tour guide, though, who tried to help me by cleansing the phone with mineral water and advising me to bury the phone under grains of rice.

Now, two days after the incident, my phone is still dead. I’m doubting it will ever get recovered.

Anyway, the phone can be replaced. But the data it contains? More likely not. And that’s what’s devastating about it. I have so much of my life in there! 😦

Passwords. I used to have a universal password (same password for all accounts). However, we know that there are accounts that require change of password every now and then. Since I have many accounts, it’s a tedious task to keep changing all passwords just because one account decided to have a change. So to keep track, I take note of all passwords — secured, of course. With this incident, unfortunately, I lost them all. At least I still remember passwords of the important accounts.

Contacts. All my contacts are saved in the phone. And now they’re gone. I hate to make “Who you?” texts, but I guess that’s what’s going to happen (with professionalism, of course) after I finally get my sim card replacement.

Photos and Videos. I don’t upload all my photos in social media. Plus, I rarely upload videos. And I have lots of photos and videos. It’s sad that I couldn’t see them anymore. There are actually videos I plan to upload in the future for certain reasons. Too bad. 😦

Church Notes and Devotions. I keep all my service notes in the phone. This, I know, won’t be recovered. Similarly, I have most of my devotions from the past two months in my phone. I now regret how I keep holding off rewriting them in my journal. 😦

Expense Tracker. I like to keep track of my expenses, as well as my budget and savings, using an app. I know I enabled an auto-backup for this. Hopefully, when I download the app again in my old tablet (which I’m going to use for the mean time), some of my data will be recovered. Else, I’m back to zero.

Menstrual Tracker. I keep track of my menstrual cycle using an app too. I’m regular and I have backup notes in my planner, so I don’t have much problem with losing this data. Except… Well, lately, I’ve been having problems with my bowel movement. The app that I use allows me to record such “problems”. I won’t go into details about it, but I was hoping to use this data when I finally have a medical checkup. Again, I’m hoping this data recovered when I download the app in my old tablet.

Time and Timer. I don’t use my watch lately, due to the fact that it stopped ticking months ago. When it comes to time, I highly depend on my phone. After the incident, I had difficulties in keeping track of the time. In fact, I had to turn on my brother’s camera often just so I can see the time. I couldn’t even take a nap because I had no alarm. And it was a critical time because I had a flight to catch that day. Then there was yesterday’s laundry. I usually use my phone’s timer when doing laundry because I tend to forget the time or the fact that I have laundry to see to. Plus, even though the washing machine has its own timer, its alarm cannot be heard from the sala or from the bedroom. I guess this calls to have my watch fixed, huh?

There are lots of downside, I know. Some of them I haven’t even mentioned.

Anyway, one good thing about this is that I get to use my old tablet again. It has a much wider screen for reading, don’t you think? But I that’s just the upside of it, I guess. 😐


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