Window Seat | Weekly Photo Challenge

I am a window-sitter. As much as I can, I take the window seat whenever I ride the plane. The window may be small, but the views it shows are endless and breathtaking. I love to see the vast sky and the different forms of clouds that spread over it. I love to see the … Continue reading Window Seat | Weekly Photo Challenge


Mind Conversations | Writing 101

Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write. -- Writing 101: Build A Blogging Habit I want to write. But what am I to write about? I don't know. I have nothing. Hmm.. Spider-Man. "I am nothing without that suit." "If you are nothing without this suit, … Continue reading Mind Conversations | Writing 101

First Time Abroad, First Time in HK | DM Travels

Hello dear readers! I am excited to share with you today DM's (David and Maya ♥) adventure to Hong Kong last March 13-15, 2017. (It's been almost two months now, I know. Apologies for taking this long.) The trip was intended for our anniversary (which was last February 25), but had the said travel dates instead because they're the nearest … Continue reading First Time Abroad, First Time in HK | DM Travels