In Silence | Everyday Inspiration

Day Seven: Let Social Media Inspire You In silence, you cared In silence, you hurt In silence, youย loved In silence, you suffered You who carefully hid them You who refused to say Small things you did For the future they wished big To know, theyย weren't aware To see, they were blind You've gifted them … Continue reading In Silence | Everyday Inspiration

Restless | Everyday Inspiration

Day Four: A Story in a Single Image She was restless. She was tired. Tired of routine. Of late nights and early mornings.ย Of commute and the rush hour. Of bills and payments. Tired of work. Of meetings. Of emails and communications. Of deadlinesย and reports. Tired of people. Of conversations and get-togethers.ย Of thinking for them. Of … Continue reading Restless | Everyday Inspiration