That Time of the Month

You know that time of the month when everything feels so blah? It's that time of the month when you're not in the mood for anything. You feel so tired all the time. All you wanna do is stay at home and do absolutely nothing. Except sleep and eat, of course. And maybe read a little, … Continue reading That Time of the Month


Delayed Flight | Poem

I sit here amongst strangers Waiting in anticipation Waiting in silence For the plane that's yet to arrive Toddler is running around Awake and alert Impatient to sit still Always searching for fun Girl about my age Earphones attached to her ears Phone held up high Obviously watching a movie Boy about my age Looking … Continue reading Delayed Flight | Poem

Restless | Everyday Inspiration

Day Four: A Story in a Single Image She was restless. She was tired. Tired of routine. Of late nights and early mornings. Of commute and the rush hour. Of bills and payments. Tired of work. Of meetings. Of emails and communications. Of deadlines and reports. Tired of people. Of conversations and get-togethers. Of thinking for them. Of … Continue reading Restless | Everyday Inspiration