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If you love what you do, it's not really work. -- Blue Smoke, Nora Roberts  


God’s Plans

Me: We both have received our calling, Lord. It seems we're heading to two different paths. Will this relationship work? Will we have time to be together? Are we really what you want to be together? Or are we just each other's learning tool or instrument to achieve the Will You have set for us? … Continue reading God’s Plans

Restless | Everyday Inspiration

Day Four: A Story in a Single Image She was restless. She was tired. Tired of routine. Of late nights and early mornings. Of commute and the rush hour. Of bills and payments. Tired of work. Of meetings. Of emails and communications. Of deadlines and reports. Tired of people. Of conversations and get-togethers. Of thinking for them. Of … Continue reading Restless | Everyday Inspiration